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Viktorija Makauskaite is Lithuanian architect and artist based in Japan. She uses photography, drawing, craft, and text as her artistic medium, often exploring their interconnection.

A part of her work stems from architectural upbringing through observation and engagement with sound and space.
She is also interested in her position of an immigrant, a woman, an amateur, etc.  Viktorija sees art as an opportunity to redefine one's ground and establish new links with adopted and abandoned places, languages, communities, and self.


Clouds Shapeless Like Thoughts
during Artists’ Book Week, Kobo Chika Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2024

Small Press

Ah, 2024

Getting Feet Wet 2024   

Rescued Drawings  2023

Who’s Making the Noise?  2023

Out for a Walk  2022  

Features, Mentions, Events

Flotsam Zines Tour Flotsambooks, Japan 2024

GUP Magazine FRESH EYES Talents, Conceptual Photography Category, Netherlands 2023  

Z/I/N/E Whitehouse Shinjuku, Japan, 2023

Byob Fair,  bring your own book, 4th edition, Enter Enter Amsterdam, Netherlands 2023  

Flotsam Zines Tour Flotsambooks, Japan 2023 

Broad Magazine Canada 2023

Vermikko books online feature, Japan 2022

377975㎢ Vol.2, Japan Photo Award, Japan 2022

377975㎢ Vol.1, Japan Photo Award, Japan 2022


Master in Architecture History and Theory, Vilnius Tech, 2006 Lithuania

Bachelor in Architectural Design, Vilnius Tech, 2004 Lithuania


IG: vikmakau
Languages: Lithuanian, English, and Japanese
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