Viktorija Makauskaite

Clouds Shapeless Like Thoughts
Exhibition (during the Artists’ Book Week)
Gallery Kobo Chika, Tokyo
2024 January 12th-21st

Since the past summer, I kept humming a tune in my head:

Clouds shapeless like thoughts, text-heavy (ready to soak to the bone fresh laundry)

This chain of words seemed too short to be called a poem. So I wrote it down and let it sleep. When my friend asked me what is the title of this exhibition, I thought the shortened version of the line could be it.

I presented a studio space-like installation during the Artists’ Book Week with a display of old drawings, darkroom prints, shimmering materials, rolls of paper, poems, and riddles. This spontaneous set-up was meant to reflect upon the creative process and the complex accumulation of ideas before they become a definition - such as a book.
A messy part of the creative process is often left invisible for being incomplete and incomprehensible. However, this time we remained open to the audience and invited our visitors to join the studio by guiding them around with the anecdotes and stories behind the items displayed. We encouraged the guests to share their thoughts, moods, and readings too. Thus contributing to the slow and organic growth of the narratives that feed and shape the books.

©Viktorija Makauskaite